In ancient times, people believed that the Buyuk Menderes (Great Meander) River, a river in southwestern Turkey, was a god. That's why they gave a name to that unique river: the Meander (in Greek: Maiandros)…

The special works selected from the Arkas Collection welcome you on the walls of Maiandros, a source of inspiration for our 4 rooms with high columned headboards. The vine leaves, mountain tulips, spring branches and lilacs, which have been chosen according to each room, will come to life with Kat’i, an old Ottoman paper-cut art that has been long forgotten. With the decorative works, hanging down the edge of the mirror, the spirit and composition of the room will be completed.

Maiandros rooms are waiting for their guests who dream of finding a different meaning.


Each room has a different story.
Enjoy the sense of refreshment in 16 comfortable rooms designed in four different concepts.